Thursday July 20, 2017 - Saturday July 22, 2017

Join convention hosts Rick and Sue Marlowe at "The World's Largest Gathering of Pez Collectors"
Spend a fun filled weekend with an international group of master PEZ collectors, PEZ dealers, and PEZ authors.
See more PEZ than you ever imagined and have the chance to win lots of Valuable PEZ prizes.


As Sue and I begin this adventure of becoming the hosts of Pezamania, We have to first thank John and Linda for their dedicated service to the Pezamania Family! It has been a great 10 years working with you both. Most of you that have attended Pezamania are used to seeing me in the role of the guy up front running the programs and Sue trying to keep me under control and moving, that is not going to change. We are just stepping into fill a larger set of shoes.

We have been collecting Pez for a little over 25 years now and have been very fortunate to have come up in the hobby under the guidance of some of the communities most respected collectors. Folks talk a lot about their collections, as I do but my collection is the memories of the people that I got them from that is what makes me the happiest. It is not the value but the friendship! The one thing that we as hosts hope will never change is the feeling of Family at the convention.

We as hosts of Pezamania are happy to be taking over a convention that does not need to change much because it runs so well. We will be making a few changes as we progress and the only major change this year will be changing from Diceamania to a new game called Matchamania! We had a lot of great input last year from a lot of you about small things that you would like to see happen and hopefully a lot of those will come into affect for this year! As usual those of you that register before June 1st will have your name put in for the early bird drawing. Let us know ahead of time if you plan on selling out of your room so that we can try to accommodate you.


Our charity again this year is The Gliding Stars of Toledo, make sure you check them out on the charity page!
We will be having live and silent auctions through out the convention for you to be able to bid on to help the Gliding Stars.
To find out more about our charity and to make donations, click here.